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Why Are Transit Bus Ads Better?

Bus displays are the original mobile billboard. Our posters are mounted at eye level for maximum visibility by car traffic and pedestrians. We also offer custom products such as bus wraps and king kongs. Everything is big about these posters, except the cost. If your firm is looking to make a splash with outdoor advertising in the Virginia or North Carolina markets, call Media Transit.

Buses Go Where People Go

Transit ads dominate daytime advertising, offering high visibility at an easy-to-read eye level, generating a tremendous number of exposure opportunities that far exceed electronic and other print media for the same dollar invested.

An Involuntary Medium

Bus advertising targets vehicular and pedestrian traffic as an ‘involuntary’ mass medium, i.e. – it cannot be turned off, tuned out or thrown away.

Total Market Penetration

Transit displays go where people live, work and play. They reach all income levels from the CEO to the assistant’s assistant – providing total market penetration that often cannot be reached by traditional media.

Unbeatable Reach and Frequency

Buses travel regularly scheduled routes through most geographic areas that includes commercial, industrial, large and small shopping malls, entertainment centers as well as urban and high income suburban areas.

Customers Ready To Buy

All routes begin and end downtown in the commercial and retail section, reaching customers when they are ready to buy, guaranteeing high awareness levels and repetitive exposure day after day, month after month.

Compare The Real Cost

Low cost transit displays are a fraction of the cost of all other mediums. No other medium can give your image the impact and exposure for the same dollars invested.

The Inside Track

Interior displays reach a captive audience with time on their hands, offering the opporuntiy to give a more detailed message and insuring repetitive exposure to an audience with a surprisingly high disposable income.

What’s The Cost?

Even our most impactful ‘BIG & BOLD’ transit advertising package (which includes a fully wrapped bus) costs less per month than:

ONE 1/2-page ad in any major newspaper

Just EIGHT radio ads in drive-time on any of the three top-rated radio stations.

TWO television ads in prime time on either of the top two stations.

ONE 1/8 page ad in the yellow pages covering the same area.

Ads on Buses provides a ready solution for bus and billboard advertising in the East Coast market.

Bus billboards provide an effective and affordable solution to your advertising needs.  Call 877-862-4414 for more information.