Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the route for my ad?

Unfortunately, only custom wrap products can specify a route. However, transit systems operate on rotating routes, so buses change which part of town they go through, increasing the reach of your ad. Sometimes, routes rotate as often as every day! Ads on one bus see a variety of areas during the span of just one month.

How long does it take for my ad to get on the bus?

Once a contract is established, the average turn-around time is one month. If you are pressed for time because of a special event, that time can be reduced depending on how fast artwork is designed, confirmed, and printed. Monthly ad cycles begin at the beginning and middle of every month.

My group is a non-profit organization. Do special rates apply?

We offer a matching program to non-profit organizations that receive partial or full funding from local, state, or federal government. The program doubles all ad space purchased, on space availability. If a group purchased two rear ads for one month, we would give two more at no extra space cost. Production still applies for the matched ads, and custom wrap products are not a part of the matching program. CTS and VRT do not participate.

Do any other fees apply?

We charge a one-time set-up art charge of $100.00. It covers creating your artwork, mounting the ad on a bus, and providing you a proof of the ad for your approval. The fee is constant regardless of how many buses you have at once and how long your ad runs. For interior ad orders, the fee is reduced to $75.00.

I represent an ad agency. Do we get a commission?

Recognized advertising agencies receive a 15% discount from published rates.

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